Shopify for Zendesk by agnoStack

agnoStack empowers Shopify retailers to provide post-purchase experiences that match the incredible products they sell...and the websites they sell them on.

REAL Shopify Customer Service
- support made simple -

agnoStack increases Zendesk agent productivity - creating exceptional customer experiences for Shopify brands of all sizes!

Super power your Shopify Zendesk support agents

View and manage data from your Shopify store directly within Zendesk.

Multi Provider and Storefront Support

Multi-Brand & Multi-Site Support

All the Brands. All the Orders.

agnoStack supports the ability to connect multiple brands, multiple storefronts or even multiple platforms into a single, unified view of your customer's orders!

Customer Experience
Doesn't Stop at Checkout.

Provide support agents with real-time commerce data and robust sales tools to make them more efficient and proactive - happier agents mean happier customers AND happier customers drive increased sales!

Customer Insights

Real-time customer data integrated with your CRM and Marketing platforms.

Integrated Reminders

Never forget to check back on an order/get back to a customer again.

Order & Customer Watchlists

Proactively focus on enabling a customer-first support experience.

Order Capture

Fully PCI-compliant net new order-on-behalf of and rapid re-order.

Refund Processing

Easily handle partial and full order refunds, returns and modifications.

Gift Cards & Store Credit

Easily issue order and customer gift cards and store credit.

Empowering retailers

of all types & sizes to provide faster, more seamless and more intuitive customer support regardless of software stack.

14 day free trial on all initial installations. Volume discounts available.